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  • Adventures 4-6

    Well, do to unforeseen consequences we had to take a brief break form gaming in the real world, but now that we are meeting again we all deserve an update. "Go Here for a brief update on the campaign so far...":https://docs.google.com/presentation/d/1- …

  • Episode 7: Pequel

    Our Heroes occupy Neuristor's Manor, and have set up some mild defenses, such as ditches, spikes, and barricades/palisades. They have about 1000 Troops, and perhaps double of that number of noncombatants. The enemy is approaching, and is perhaps one …

  • Home Page

    h2. Lost Legends Ages have come and gone, and with them histories that have grown into legend, before fading to myth, and finally succumbing to fable. Such is the fate of any true hero, and such was the fate for our Hero's, until recently. For a great …

  • Main Page

    Wiki-MADNESS!!!! h2. Locations and Places [[The Kingdom of Callais | The Kingdom of Callais]] [[Callais City | Callais City]] [[Neuristors Manor | Neuristor's Manor]] h2. Organizations and Orders [[Order of the Silver Moon | Knights of the …

  • Jacob Springstien

    There are ritual tattoos and scares on half of his body, but it is not noticeable when he is clothed. Legend has it he founded the Church of Aurelia, way back in the misty reaches of time.

  • Aramil Greene

    Unbeknownst to the PC's, Greene is currently possessed by a demonic spirit, intent on betraying them at some point.

  • Henrietta

    A female chicken, and a beautiful example of her kind. particularly attached to Erky Timbers