Lost Legends

Act 1, Scene 2

When we last left our Hero’s the had descended through a secret passage unto the streets of the Old City below, in a dank but otherwise empty ally way. Guided by one of the local guards and the Acolytes from the Ritual Scene they attempted to navigate their way through the warren of streets and ally-ways as quickly and stealthily as possible.

Along the way Erky Timbers saw strange visions of a cowled man, who whispered at him, telling him he could always see the Eye’s creator.

After a short confrontation with a crazed man, our Hero’s encountered a contingent of local guards and militia, busy defending a portion of the inner city walls. Thanks to persuasive arguments by Adam Blaze they were able to convince the guards and militia to accompany them, which proved fortuitous as they were forced to fight their way out of the city, past undead and the dangerous Thrall. They even managed to capture a prisoner!

Next time: Hard Questions and Harder Answers.

Ritual Interrupted
Act 1, Scene 1

Unbeknownst to our Hero’s they have been dead for thousands of years, locked away in a dusty crypt, preserved as a national treasures and legends for the ages, guarded against a time when their heroic personalities might be called on again. But the centuries slipped away and their deeds became legends, until legend slipped away to myth, and eventually myth gave way to fable.

But some few remembered the truth, and when the Age of Darkness began to rise again as the ancient sages said it would they acted. The bodies, magically preserved for all time, were brought forth, and in a ritual older than their Kingdom, were brought from heavenly Elysium and restored to life.

And though they had been careful, their councils were betrayed, and agents of the Dark One disrupted the ritual before it could be finished. Our hero’s, weak and disoriented, and equipped with nothing more their ancient shrouds and dust, were forced to flee before a demonic presence via a secret door, unto the blood strewn and battle scarred streets.

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