Lost Legends

Act 1: Episode 7

Making Plans

Our Heroes spent much of this adventure making plans, holding councils of war, and gathering information.

The scouts had identified a large army of undead and thrall moving towards their position. Seeking allies, it was decided to send Erky Timbers to reservation island, to treat with the Orc’s settled there, hoping to purchase mercenary warriors to bolster their numbers.

While Erky negotiated, the rest of our Heroes began to prepare march their makeshift group of soldiers, including noncombatants south, towards the inland sea and away from the approaching undead. Before they were able to march, they were forced to deal with Aramil’s spiritual possession.

After defeating the demon, they marched south.

Erky, having completed his negotiations, is returned to the beach with some Orcish warriors. The terms of their agreement is that the Orc’s shall be given all of Neuristors lands and holdings, as Orcish lands but beholden to the King of Calais, and in return the Orcs shall offer shelter to refugees at Reservation island, and supply the heroes with 1000 Orcish warriors to bolster their numbers.

What the King and other nobles will think of this deal remains to be seen.



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