Lost Legends

Ages have come and gone, and with them histories that have grown into legend, before fading to myth, and finally succumbing to fable. Such is the fate of any true hero, and such was the fate for our Hero’s, until recently. For a great darkness has arisen over the lands, and the hero’s of this day and age have failed, fallen, and died defeated and broken before the reborn avatar of the Dark One.

Guided by both great desperation and great divination magic’s, the Priests of Aureilia learned a difficult truth; those capable of combating the Dark One’s influence have already and died, Hero’s of another age. Known only to a select few those bodies had been preserved, saved for a day when the kingdom might need their heroism once again. And so the High Cleric gathered their dusty bodies from their crypts, and using a ritual older than his order, returned the ancient Hero’s to life, but not before the ritual was interrupted by the forces of the Dark One.

So our Hero’s have returned to life, to a land they know nothing about and without knowledge of their previous exploits or actions from the last age, asked again to save it from the hands of evil.

Can our Hero’s restore their lost knowledge and memories? Can they work together to once again save the world from the influence of the Dark One? Or is the world, like all good things, destined to end?

Our Group

We are a group in the greater Sacramento area engaged in telling pen and paper roleplaying game stories. Currently we meet twice monthly in the real world, and have been good friends for many years

Lost Legends